Kinesiology Services

ICBC Active Rehab

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident and are looking to get stronger, our ICBC active rehab program is for you. We specialize in helping people grow stronger after injuries. Our individualized active rehab program will not only help you recover faster, but also experience greater mobility and less pain. Plus, our exercise programs are fully covered by ICBC, so you can worry less about finances and get back to being yourself.

Virtual Consultation

While we have a fully-outfitted clinic that will help with your workouts, some people may find that our virtual consultations fit better with their schedule. Virtual sessions involve assessments, personalized programs, and one-on-one time with your kinesiologist – just like in-person visits do. Your kinesiologist will monitor your progress and discuss making changes to your program to help you better meet your goals.

Return To Work Support

We know that work is an essential part of many peoples’ lives. This is why we offer services that focus on easing your transition back to the workplace, whether you work from home or go into the office. As part of our return-to-work program, we work alongside your case manager to ensure our sessions are physically preparing you for your work duties. This also includes adjusting work duties as needed, based on your progress.

Ergonomic Assessment

No matter your physical limitations, we work with you to strengthen key areas that will strengthen affected areas that will help you improve your overall health. Ergonomics, or the study of how people perform in their workplace, has become a hot topic over the past few years. With more and more people working longer hours and in various places, ergonomics is more important than ever before. Many common injuries can result from poor ergonomics.

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