Virtual Consultation (Telehealth)

Clients who have transportation issues or other scheduling conflicts will be happy to know that we offer virtual consultations. Our kinesiologists use phone calls or video conferencing to guide clients through sessions. This type of technology has become a more convenient way for kinesiologists and other healthcare professionals to monitor their clients’ progress, lead them through exercises, and update plans of care.

Virtual kinesiology sessions have proven equally effective as in-person visits with a kinesiologist, and they greatly cut down on commute time. We always recommend that the first program visit takes place in person, so the kinesiologist can complete a thorough assessment and review core strengthening exercises and stretches with the client. After this point, video conferencing is just one of the ways clients and kinesiologists can connect to discuss concerns, provide feedback, and offer new recommendations.
Just as with in-person visits, all of your virtual kinesiotherapy sessions will involve one-on-one time with your kinesiologist and are completely covered by ICBC. We are more than happy to work with your schedule and can accommodate you with fully virtual visits, in-person visits, or a combination of both.
If you’re interested in learning more about telehealth kinesiology, reach out today to learn more.
Virtual Consultation rehab excercises.

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Sessions are fully covered by ICBC and can be delivered in-person,
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