Return To Work Support Services

Returning to work after an injury can be a challenging experience for many individuals. The rehabilitation process can sometimes seem difficult and time-consuming, which is why people often need help reentering the workplace. This is why we offer a return-to-work support service to help bridge the gap our clients experience between rehab and real life.

As part of our return-to-work service, clients will participate in structured rehab programs that take both someone’s physical capabilities and work duties into account. We help clients meet their work-related health goals by:

  • Closely monitoring their progress in recommended exercises
  • Gradually increasing their level of physical activity
  • Modifying their work duties (if needed) until they can carry them out


Our kinesiologists do this by working closely with our clients’ employers to ensure they are able to return to work effectively and safely. This may involve the client doing less physical labor or “light duty” for a period of time. Other modifications may entail additional support, such as extra breaks or the use of equipment. The kinesiotherapist-employer collaboration takes place even after the client completes rehab and has resumed work. This ensures they have the support needed if any concerns arise.

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This service is a valuable asset, since people who return to their typical work routines and duties too soon after a motor vehicle accident are at risk of reinjuring themselves. We know how valuable work is for many individuals who have bills to pay and a family to support, so we want to ensure you can continue work (the right way) as you recover.

If you are concerned about your own return to work and want to take advantage of this supportive program, reach out to learn more today.

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